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Refurbishment & Substantial Structural Reconfiguration

M&P Ltd was contracted to undertake the phased partial demolition, strip out and major structural alterations and structural strengthening, to Derby University sports hall.

This University’s aim was to turn the sports hall into a two -story office space by undertaking all asbestos removal, demolition, strip out and structural works, then they intended to install a new mezzanine floor to create the office space.

Work started by M&P removing all asbestos containing materials, then removing all sports facilities / equipment and soft strip out items, including an internal mezzanine viewing gallery. A large area of structural cast concrete floor(s) / structural cast concrete staircases and a vast amount of load bearing walls were then removed.

With all large proportion of structural elements requiring removal from the structure, 40nr various sized steels were fabricated off site and then installed prior to the demolition / structural works, which then allowed all structural works to progress safely while maintaining the buildings structural integrity, while avoiding an uncontrolled collapse.

On completion of the above works and after the installation of the new mezzanine floor. M&P engineers returned to site in a separate phase to form 55nr window penetrations / apertures in 3nr of the sports hall’s elevations. With the walls being 600mm thick, 3nr lintels were required in each opening.

Months of planning with the client’s structural engineers and the university’s H&S department were required by M&P engineers. Our vast experience and expertise were key in formulating a safe phased programme, which allowed a large proportion of out specialised services to be seamlessly utilised to again delivery an incident free project again ahead of schedule.

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