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Experienced Removal

Metals and Plant Ltd have the knowledge, training and contacts to safely undertake all verity of asbestos removal works. Asbestos removal is a sensitive and highly specialized operation and can only be carried out by appropriately trained and competent personnel. Over our extensive history we have completed many complex strip out projects, ranging from large town multi- storey buildings, down to small domestic properties/garages and roofs.

We comply with all current legislation, providing clients and the Health and safety Executive with full documentation detailing our procedures prior to commencement of asbestos removal works (if required). Metals and Plant can competently meet the requirements of any asbestos removal project, large or small anywhere in the UK and we hold a current licence to transport hazardous materials granted by the Environment Agency. All asbestos waste will be transported to an authorized disposal site in accordance with current legislation with all relevant documentation being provided to the client on completion.

What We Cover

From removal through to the disposal of asbestos containing materials Metals and Plant limited has it covered.

Licenced asbestos removal
Licenced asbestos removal
Non-licenced asbestos removal
Non-licenced asbestos removal
Notifiable non licensed asbestos work
Notifiable non licensed asbestos work
Asbestos disposal
Asbestos disposal

What's Included

Here we have a brief breakdown of the individual items which collectively enable Metals and Plant Ltd to offer such a safe high class service.

Site Visit

A Comprehensive and professional site audit will be undertaken to allow all necessary site specific documentation to be produced.

Environmental Assessment

A comprehensive assessment will be undertaken to highlight any potential environmental issues in line with works envisaged to be undertaken.


A detailed task specific COSHH assessment will be undertaken to enable us to highlight any potential asbestos, substances, fumes that might cause a potential hazard.

Risk Assessments

A detailed task and site specific risk assessment will be completed to allow the works to be undertaken safely.


A detailed and competitive quotation will be produced with all potential assets from the works being offset to enable the client to receive the lowest possible quote.

Method Statement

A detailed task and site specific method statement will be completed with all current safe working procedures implemented.

Highways Agency

We will deal with all necessary correspondence with relevant government agencies in relation to possible road closures / permits to complete the work safely and legally.


Proof of Metals and Plant's full comprehensive insurance cover will be presented to the client before work commences.

Project Management

The works will be undertaken by highly trained Metals and Plant Ltd personnel who will oversee the contract through to its safe and environmentally friendly completion.

Waste Stream Documentation

All relevant documentation in regards to monitoring the waste streams produced from our site activities will be recorded and presented to the client for their SWMP.

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